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Frequently Asked and Answered Questions

Website questions

1. How do you ship items and how much does it cost?

Shipping is $4.99 for the first item and $1.00 for each additional item.

Economy shipping is free on orders over $35.00.

We usually ship USPS First Class, USPS Media Mail (for packages over 8 ounces) or Priority Mail for expedited shipping. If you order a package that is very large (4 pounds or over), we might ship it UPS Ground.

Your order might come in several shipments if that will get them to you more quickly. There is no extra charge for this service.

In stock items typically ship within 6 to 24 hours.

Most pre-orders are shipped to arrive on release date. Sometimes we are a day early or late. Of course, if you order something we don't have the day before it is supposed to be released, it will take a few days longer.

2. Do you ship to North Korea, Freedonia, Panem, Narnia, or Canada?

We only ship within the U.S. at this time. We especially apologize to our Canadian neighbors. We want to make sure our website is great before we expand outside the U.S.

3. There was a problem with my order.

That stinks! We are so sorry. Please e-mail us at or use our customer service form or use our customer service form.

4. Is in-store pickup available?

Yes. If our site says something you want is in stock, call us and we will hold it until you come in. You don’t need to pay until you pick it up.

If you want to pick it up in another another Silver Platters location, call that location and ask them to get it for you. You can also e-mail or use our customer service form. to tell us what you want and where you would like it to be sent. Transfers between stores normally take 1-3 days.

5. What is your return policy? will accept any unopened or defective return within 45 days of purchase. Please contact us to set up the return.

If the item we sent you was defective or not what you ordered, we will replace the item and reimburse you for shipping it back to us.

If you changed your mind and don’t want what you ordered and you haven’t opened it yet, we will refund your purchase price, but not the shipping fee.

If you don’t like what you bought and it is not longer sealed and still in good condition, you can sell it back for cash or store credit at one of our locations. Please see item 2 under the "Real World store questions" section below for our trade-in policy.

6. Can I use my Frequent Buyer Points on

Yes, as long as the e-mail address on your Frequent Buyer Card matches the e-mail address you used to set up your account.

7. I have a gift certificate from one of your stores. Can I use it online?

Not at this time. Sorry!

8. In what condition will the pre-owned items I purchase arrive to me?
All pre-owned items are guaranteed to play/work/be readable and are 100% returnable if this is not the case (within return policy guidelines - see above). We sell items we consider to be in very good condition or better. Condition of packaging may vary.

You are purchasing the disc only. Any download codes that may have come with a new copy are not guaranteed. You might receive a working download code. Unfortunately, we have no way to verify that codes have not expired or been used by the previous owner.

9. I am a reseller or I want multiples copies of a rare item.
We are not a wholesaler and we don't handle shipments for third parties. Too often this leads to price gouging and/or customer service problems. If you are a legit business, a company that specializes in Consumer Direct Fulfillment would love to work with you.

If you are buying an extra copy of a rare item for a friend, we suggest that you have your friend place their own order. This way we will know that you both are fans and nobody is trying to buy the copy you deserve. Orders for multiple copies of rare items often are delayed or cancelled. We are doing our best to offer low prices on rare items to true fans and collectors.  

10. When will you charge my credit card?
We will charge your credit card right before your order ships.  

11. I buy vinyl.
Colored vinyl - Despite what our site may say, colored vinyl is often limited to the initial pressing only. You very likely may receive black vinyl, especially if a title is more than a few months old. Why? Record companies rarely tell us when they revert to black vinyl.

Vinyl isn't perfect - Pristine covers are rare. So is perfectly flat vinyl. We will send you the best looking copy we have and deal with any isses you have. Please email if you receive a record that is unsatisfactory.

Vinyl pre-orders: Our ability to fill pre-orders depends on record labels' ability to produce enough records to fill pre-orders. We do our best to fill all orders, but unfortunately, shortages and delays are common, especially with limited edition records. Orders for vinyl should not be considered "confirmed" until the record is safely spinning on your turntable.  

12. How can I change my credit card?
Sorry to hear that. Our site doesn't have a way to automatically change the payment on an order you aready placed. (We are sorry that this is inconvenient. Blocking off credit cards this way helps us keep your card number secure and prevent a bigger inconvenience.)

In order for us to charge a different credit card, we have to ask you to place a new order. After you have done that, please let us know so we can cancel your original order. If you order was for a limited edition item that is sold out, you won't be able to order, so please contact us. We will give you a way to place a new order and keep your original place in line.

Changing the credit card on file in the My Account section will change the card we charge for future orders.

Real World store questions

1. I want to talk to you about something.

We want to hear from you. Find out how to reach us on our Contact Us page.

2. I would like to trade-in or sell some of my old media.  How does that work?
We'll buy back all of your pre-owned CDs, Blu-ray discs, DVDs, video games, and books. You don’t need to set up an appointment.  Go into any Silver Platters store during business hours and we'll take care of you. Prices are determined by a range of factors including condition, popularity, how many we have in stock, etc. so we can’t give you a quote before we see your stuff. We will make you a good cash offer and we will give you even more if you want store credit.

3. Will you donate a gift certificate to my charity?

We make those decisions locally. Please check with the manager of your favorite Silver Platters.

4. Will you sell my CD/book/DVD/free range duck eggs?

If you have a distributor, they probably already know how to contact us, so tell them to get on it!

We have worked directly with thousands of New England musicians, authors, and filmmakers. Find out how we can add your stuff to our stores.

Digital Download FAQ

1. What if I have trouble downloading or playing my MP3?
Please email our download help team, and include your order number and a description of the problem.

2. What file types do you sell?
We sell MP3 files. 90% of them are at 320 kbps, which is the best sounding MP3 available. You should get a CD if you are worried about sound quality. Downloads include all metadata (artist, album title, song name, etc.) and the cover art.

3. What about safety?

Our secure download shopping cart is TRUSTe certified. Our MP3 files are guaranteed virus free, spyware free, and adware free.

4. Will my purchase work on my iPod, iPhone, iTouch, etc?

Your purchase will work on any device that plays MP3s. Our nifty download manager will even put your files where iTunes can find them.

5. Will my MP3 files work on my 8-track tape player?
 You need a special adapter.

6. Can I burn my MP3 files to CD?
Yes, as long as you have the right software and a CD burner. iTunes, Windows Media Player, and other programs make it really easy.

7. Can I download extra copies of my MP3 file?
No, we are only allowed to let you download once. More information on this is in our download Terms of Sale. We suggest that you back up your files so you don’t have to worry about losing them.

8. I want to download but I live in another country.
As long as that “another country” is the US, Canada, or the UK, you should be fine. Our licensing restrictions don’t allow us to sell downloads anywhere else. Sorry! (By the way, the license police look at your credit card billing address so if you live in Canada and happen to be in Kiribati and find an internet connection, you should be good to go.)

9. Why are the songs available for download different from what is on the CD?
Why are some artists’ music not available for download? We don’t know. Usually it’s got something to do with lawyers, but sometimes that’s what artists want.